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Panel Meter and Measurement Instrument Distributor and Manufacturers’ Representatives

ABOUT Bristol Instruments

Bristol Instruments is a distributor of world-class industrial measurement and control products. The products we sell have been proven reliable and durable in numerous field applications. With headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, we sell products and provide support for corporations to meet or exceed their and their customers' process control goals.

Bristol Instruments carries dozens of measurement and control products. Our product line categories include:

Bargraph Meters

Process Monitors



Digital Data Displays

PID Controllers

Large Displays

Angle Sensors

Pressure Switches

Universal Panel Meters

AC Voltmeters and Ammeters

Temperature Monitors

Loadcell Indicators

Programmable Analog Output

DIN Rail Analog Signal Conditioners

Multichannel Measuring Displays

Digital Recorder

Temperature Sensors

Pressure Sensors

DC Voltmeters and Ammeters

AC network Analyzers & Wattmeters

Digital Pressure Sensors

Position Sensor Displays

Counters, Frequency Meters, Timers

DIN Rail Digital Signal Conditioners

Digital Chart Recorder

Level Sensors

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