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Panel Meter Programming Tool



OML USB II is a convertor with cable used for controlling and setting up instruments from a PC using the OM Link Software. The OM Link software runs on a Windows PC, is easily installed and makes writing or changing meter settings a snap.

Download OM Link software program for free HERE


Current Transformers



Bristol Instruments carries current transformers (CTs) models designed to operate with a fixed input current range that runs from 0.25 to 20 A up to 1,000 A loads— depending on model.

Hinged CTs: Mini hinged current transformer models are available in 20, 50, 100 and 200 A load models. Specified accuracy is <0.5% and output is 330 mV AC at or near full scale—depending on model.

Hinged CT Current Rnges

0.25 - 40A AC (data sheet shown)

0.25 - 80A AC

1 - 200A AC

1 - 300 A AC


Data Sheet


Split Core CTs



Split Core CTs: provide linear output voltage that is directly proportional to the input current. These transformers are safely and easily installed over existing electrical power lines without disconnecting lines or interrupting service.

These split core CTs are shunted and, therefore, safe compared to other commercially available CTs and produce 333mV at full scale. Cost-effective and easy to use, they are available in three window sizes and for 5A to 1,200A loads. Specified accuracy is 1%.%.

Small Split-Core Current Ranges

Medium Split-Core Current Ranges

Large Split-Core Current Ranges

50A Model: 5 - 65A AC



100A Model: 2 - 130A AC




100A Model: 5 - 130A AC



200A Model: 4 - 260A AC



400A Model: 8 - 520A AC



600A Model: 12 - 780A AC




50A Model: 5 - 65A AC (50/100 A data sheet shown)



100A Model: 2 - 130A AC (50/100 A data sheet shown)

Data Sheet