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Panel Meter and Measurement Instrument Distributor and Manufacturers’ Representatives

Bristol Instruments distributes panel meters, data logger and other instruments for measurement and control.

Panel Meters

Panel meters are measuring instruments that display the value of an applied input signal. These are usually current or voltage signals. Many of our models also provide set points, relays, analog and/or digital outputs as well as programability.

Paperless Recorder

A paperless recorder is an instrument that measures, displays and records various input signals applied to it. Touch-screen control and display of multiple channels simultaneously allows immediate comparison of data logger signals being recorded.

Products include bargraph displays and meters, universal meters, paperless recorder, multifunction meters, DIN rail signal transducers, DC voltmeters and ammeters, process monitors, AC voltmeters and ammeters, large displays, AC network analyzers and Wattmeters, ohmmeters, thermometers, integrators, linearizers, loadcell indicators, displays for potentiometers, counters, frequency meters, digital data displays, programmable analog output meters, PID controllers, multichannel measuring instruments, and DIN rail power supply units.